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We will take care of all the details, no matter how small or big – ensuring your boats always ready for a cruise. All aboard!

About Us

Blue Fin Marine services  was founded in 2021 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We have a large range of services to ensure that you got it all covered, wether you need, Hydraulic Works, Marine Plumbing, Marine Installations or just general maintenance. We are licensed and insured to provide you a peace of mind and guarantee that you are always in good hands with us.  We have over 10 years of grouped experience when it comes to boats.

Trust The Best

Blue Fin Marine services has been responsible for several refit projects and worked on numerous services in South Florida.

We Do It All

After calling us, you can go relax and enjoy your boat without ever having to worry about and preventive setbacks. We will do monthly preventive service so you can just enjoy the benefits of being a boat owner and let us handle the stressful part. 

Our Services

Discover how Blue Fin Marine’s comprehensive range of services, from advanced marine plumbing to complete yacht refits, ensures your vessel’s optimal performance, safety, and comfort

Marine Plumbing Services

The trouble with marine plumbing is that one doesn’t typically get much warning that something is about to go pretty wrong with the plumbing system. Aside from some normal wear and tear repairs and maintenance, a plumbing issue can be non-existent one moment and a disaster the next.

We work with the best materials to ensure plumbing systems are in regulation and also offer longevity. Sometimes this calls for materials like PVC, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, steel or nickel plate. A marine plumbing system issue can pose a problem for passenger comfort aboard, or worse, how a boat stays above water. 

Marine Engine & Mechanical Services

Blue Fin Marine services brings together marine education with decades of experience in the field to diagnose, design and repair various mechanical and hydraulic issues. As vessel owners, we all know that without a properly working engine, we don’t have a usable boat. Our understanding of the relationship between the engine and mechanical features make us uniquely qualified and skilled in the marine industry. Our professionals know the supporting systems and subsystems, like electrical and plumbing, that tend to work hand in hand with a marine engine. Marine engines need consistent attention due to the environment they occupy. Humid, wet and hot temperatures can damage many components of an engine. We provide quick and effective engine repairs depending on what needs to be done, and can work on both gas and diesel engines inboard or out board, like Yamaha, Mercury.

Be sure to connect with us and let us know what kinds of issues are taking place onboard so we can help get the vessel back on the water quickly.

Marine Running Gear Services

Marine running gear can be best defined as everything below the water line, from transmission to propeller, and is responsible for transmitting the engine generated thrust to move the vessel. At Blue Fin Marine services, we pay close attention to your running gear equipment and how it is impacting the form and function of a vessel. Some of the smallest issues at the hull of a boat can cause a multitude of problems with speed, engine efficiency, steering and much more.

Vibrations are signs that there is an issue with the running gear. We have the skills to evaluate, diagnose, and solve any existing problem, whether it is coming from a bent shaft, damaged propeller or worn cutlets bearings, we service all these components. We service shaft and rudder traditional packing glands and seals like Sure Seals and Microtem Seals.

Marine Hydraulic Services

Our team specializes with existing hydraulic steering issues. We begin by diagnosing in order to pinpoint the exact issue. We can troubleshoot, install and repair any issues from the steering cylinder to the help pump.

At Blue Fin Marine services, we understand the value of good maintenance. We disassemble, clean and inspect all components of a steering system to ensure great condition with:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Cylinders

Cylinder rods are crucial for marine safety and in result, we monitor and diagnose rods for any straightening, barrel reconditioning, seals replacement and we ensure quality by performing a pressure-test.

General Yacht Refit

Yacht refit is the process of remodeling and renovating the interior and/or the exterior of a vessel, through the process of varnishing, teak decking, yacht painting, fiberglass repair, and more. Refits are an option for yacht owners that wish to keep their vessel for years to come by improving its comfort and performance.

Blue Fin Marine services has the experience and the capability to plan, manage and execute yacht refit projects that surpass the owners expectation. Transparency and good budgeting are the key to maintaining a cost-efficient project. Our clients do not have to worry or deal with different companies because we work together with a group of professional contractors to provide a wide range of services that includes mechanical, electrical/electronic, welding and fabrication, air conditioning systems, carpentry and fiberglass/painting.



We will take care of all the details, no matter how small or big – ensuring your boats always ready for a cruise. All aboard!
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